Giving Back in a Big Way.
We donate 25% of our net profit to charity, so you can feel good about your purchase with us. 

The "net profit" is determined after the basic costs of the sale are deducted from it, costs such as making the raw product (tee, hat, etc.) printing, embroidery, shipping, mailing containers, internet/e-commerce transaction fees. Our time and taxes are not deducted from the net sale, only those costs as stated.

25% of net profit is donated to a charity of your choice! Please tell us the name of one charity you'd like to give to in the "Special Instructions box" upon your order checkout. If you also have a phone number or a web site URL/address, please type that in as well, as that will help us locate them on your behalf.

Thank you for your support of our USA-based small business; and, more importantly, our mission to support good causes and share peace and love all across this paradise called Earth.