About Us

Hi Friends,

My name is Thomas Hillman, and I founded Embody Peace & Love® in 2009.

Who is Thomas Hillman? 

As a teenager growing up in the late 1960s in the San Francisco Bay Area, Thomas embraced the philosophies of peace, love and flower power. He spent many a day in Berkeley's People's Park and many a night at the Fillmore West. For over thirty years Thomas was a brand designer, designing brands for companies small and large. Currently, Thomas works for a Veterans Administration health clinic.

Why am I doing this?  

Channeling his inner hippie, Hillman is bringing back the essence of the 60s with a contemporary twist. "Flower power has morphed into green power, and my goal with this line is to remind people to tread gently, with each other and the planet."

Times have changed, but what the world still needs is peace and love. Now, more than ever.


(Thomas back in the day)

(Thomas and grandchildren)

What is Embody Peace and Love® really all about?

Embody Peace & Love® was created to help raise the spirit and awareness of peace & love and its importance in our lives for the betterment of humanity. Please share our mission and support our business to help us do our part to make this dream a reality.

Our product designs bring back the essence of the 1960s with a fresh, fun, contemporary look. We donate 25% of our net sales to charity, so you can feel good about your purchase with us.

Have a nice day friends!